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Daily Istanbul Tours and City Sightseeings


Extended Turkey Tour Package combinations with Istanbul, Cappadocia and Ephesus

If your visit to Turkey will only consist of several days in Istanbul, we will be happy to help you make your tour arrangements in the city either as a full Istanbul package with hotel accommodation, Istanbul sightseeings and requiered airport transfers - or even with major Turkey tour destination combinations-  or just daily sightseeing tours of Istanbul.  

Touring the city with a tour guide is a little bit more costly than doing a tour on your own but it will make you save time and enjoy the city much more than you would without a professional telling you about lots of interesting things about Istanbul.

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  • Magic Carpet Tour - Turkey (10 days)
    Visiting Istanbul, Gallipoli, Troy, Pergamum, Ephesus, Pamukkale, Cappadocia, and Ankara.
  • Silk Road Tour (7 Days)
    Visiting Ephesus, Pamukkale, Konya, Cappadocia, Ankara.
  • Anatolia Highlights (12 Days)
    Visiting Gallipoli, Troy, Pergamum, Ephesus, Pamukkale, Perge, Antalya, Konya, Cappadocia, Ankara.




All Istanbul Tours

blue mosque istanbul

1 - Half Day Morning Istanbul Classic Tour

Places to visit: Hagia/Santa Sophia, Hippodrome, Blue Mosque and Grand Bazaar



2-Half Day Istanbul Ottoman Relics Tour

E-mail us with the tour code for the reservation


3 -Full Day Byzantine and Ottoman Relics Tour Istanbul

Code: FD3

FD3 Everyday departure at around 08:00-08:30 depending on the location of your hotel and return at 17.00. Tour of old city center-Sultanahmet.

E-mail us with the tour code for the reservation 


4 - Half Day Bosphorus Tour of Istanbul

Tour Code: 4M or 4A  (M stands for morning , A stands for afternoon)

For morning tour everyday departure at around 08:00-08:30 depending on the location of your hotel and return at 13.00 and for afternoon tour departure at 13.30 and return at 17.00 Tour of bosphorus cruise.


E-mail us with the tour code for the reservation 


5-Bosphorus Cruise, Dolmabahce Palace & Two Continents Tours in Istanbul

Tour Code: BDT-FD

Everyday departure at around 08.00-08:30 depending on the location of your hotel and return at 17.00-17:30 Tour of Dolmabahce and Bosphorus Cruise.

E-mail us with the tour code for the reservation



6- Full day Prince’s Islands Tours with LUNCH

Code: P8-FD  

Everyday departure at around 08.00-08:30 depending on the location of your hotel and return at 18.00-18:30

E-mail us with the tour code for the reservation 


If you are taking a trip to Istanbul, we invite you to join our excursions for exploring Istanbul.Depending on your budget you can join our tours with the group which are generally 15-25 people or you can take a private tour of Istanbul which will be customized for you!

For Daily Group Tours in Istanbul we do not request any advance payment as long as you are sure about the meeting point and tour date. If you confirm us the date and the hotel name we just come to pick you up and you pay us the day that the tour runs! The only thing that we expect from you is to inform us in advance in case of any cancellation or changes


For your special tour requests, you are always welcomed with our private guides in Istanbul

For further information please feel free to contact us!

For those who are interested in hiring a guidance service only, we do provide istanbul tour guides as well.

The daily charge of a tour guide of Istanbul will be 135 euro for a full day - approximately from 09.00 to 18.00 and 80 euro for a half day.

All of our tour guides are professional licensed guides from the Ministry of Tourism and their language skills are very good as well.

Combinations Tours of Istanbul with Major Touristic Destinations of Turkey 


If you are in this page, either you will be taking an Istanbul trip soon and planning to travel to Istanbul in the future. Here are some basic safety tips on Istanbul for the first time travellers.

*Upon arrival in Istanbul airport,if you do not have any private transfer booked already from your hotel or your travel agency, avoid taking taxis other than airport taxis. Do not rely on good-looking people telling you that the taxis will definitely overcharge you and that they can offer you a private transfer for a reasonable price!

* Before you choose your hotel in Istanbul, try asking an opinion of a professional because location information may fool you most of the time. Avoid general informations like "hotel located in the old city"..Old city is a big area and there are some parts that are not safe at all. Try booking a hotel either somewhere near to Taxim plaza or Sultanahmet, Sirkeci and Beyazid!

*We are not proud of telling this but unfortunately there are bad intentioned people in Istanbul as well just like any other big city. Life threatining dangers is almost non-existing in Istanbul but if you avoid talking to strangers in the streets, that will definitely be good for you. Do not even say "No" which will result a beginning of a possible conversation. Just ignore them.

* Turkish people are generally kind and pick pocket is not common in Istanbul but it is still a good idea not carrying a lot of cash with you and take a copy of your passport and leave the original ones at your hotel's safety box.

Charging extra commission to credit card payment is something customary in Turkey excpt when buying food. So before you buy something if the seller does not inform you about extra costs, before signing a contract or maling any payment ask them to clarify this point.

Avoid standing in the middle of the street and searching something on your map which will make some people realise that you are not familiar with the city. Try finding somewhere quite like a cafeteria and use your map when you are seated if possible.

* All of these basic safety recommendations are only "to be on the safe side" warnings. Istanbul is not a dangerous place and most people travelling to Istanbul return very satisfied and happy to see the city and meet Turkish people. So just be careful and then relax and enjoy this beautiful city.

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